Fruits & Spices Adventure

After tasting the great meals of Zanzibar, you will want to discover all the spices’ secrets. Go for a spice tour and see how the island’s soils gives Zanzibar the best fruits and spices. 

While walking through the forest and the fields, you will be able to taste and smell Zanzibar’s treasures and learn more on how they grow and are cooked.

You will also have the chance to discover about medical uses of some plants and trees, and feel the magical atmosphere of the wild and green part of the island.

Follow the paths while hearing about Zanzibar’s agriculture and beauty.
Zanzibar’s cooking is not only about enjoying, but also about discovering."

Start time - 09:30 AM

What To Expect
Mangapwani Slave Chamber (Pass By)
After the tour will be an option to visit Mangapwani Slaves Chambers

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