21 Days Grand Uganda Safari

These 21 days are going to be spent visiting tourist destinations like Jinja and you will take part in adventurous activities like Bungee jumping and water rafting, head to the Sipi falls and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Travel to Murchison falls via the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to have a look at the Rhinos. Also, transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a game drive in Ishasha for lion tracking and a boat cruise on Kazinga channel, reach Kibale National Park for chimpanzee trekking and a nature walk in Bigodi swamp, also Bwindi impenetrable national Park is included on your Safari the popular tourist destination because of homing the mountain gorillas and then connect to Mgahinga for a cultural encounter and golden monkey trekking.

Head to Lake Mburo national Park then Lake Bunyonyi to have a look at its blue waters and 29 islands and your tour will end with a city tour in Kampala.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe

When you land at the airport in Entebbe, the company representative will welcome you and immediately brief you and then drive to the hotel of your booking in Kampala

Day 2: Travel to Jinja

The day will begin with a delicious breakfast in the morning later on drive to the Eastern part of Uganda enjoying seeing tea and sugarcane plantations along the way, locals among others. During the colonial time, this city was an industrial town and you will have alot to look at including the source of the longest river in the world the River Nile.  Have a stop at Mabira forest to look out for some birds and primates.

Day 3: Bungee jumping and white water rafting

Starting with breakfast in the morning Bungee jumping will follow, Bungee jumping in jinja is one of the adventurous activities carried out here and when you take part try it for the first time, you will want to do it more and more. A rope will be tied around your waist and legs then left to swing from the top to the water then the boat will pick you up from there.

Water rafting will follow after your lunch in the afternoon and you will enjoy it without any regret.

Day 4: Sipi falls hiking experience

Have breakfast in the morning then head for a nature walk to view the falls which originate from Mt. Elgon. Other things to look out for are; coffee and sugarcane plantations, caves and other amazing nature.

Day 5: Road trip to Murchison falls via the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Having enjoyed breakfast at the lodge, start your drive to Murchison falls national park the largest of all the national parks in Uganda it comes to the most powerful waterfalls in the whole world and has a stop at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary Have a look at the rhinos in the swamps hiding away from the sunshine then embark on your drive Murchison.

Day 6: Boat cruise and hiking to the top of the falls

Enjoy your breakfast in the morning then drive to where a boat cruise starts you will meet a ranger guide who will brief you and then lead you throughout the whole session. It will be a three-hour trip from Paraa to the Fajao Gorge which is the oldest and most popular excursion. Residents of water like hippos, and crocodiles, will be seen even elephants and buffaloes.

In the evening hike to the top of the falls and feel the thunder made by the water.

Day 7: Drive to Queen Elizabeth National park

Wake up on this relaxing day, be served breakfast then check out and drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda. This park is one of the savanna parks and checks out for a lot while on a game drive and boat cruise in this Park.

Day 8: Morning Boat cruise and Ishasha game drive

You are going to do a game drive on the Kazinga channel which is a river connecting the two lakes of George and Edward. Hippos well lined on the river banks will be looked at, crocodiles are also available for you to see, water birds like kingfishers among others will also be spotted on shores of this river, elephants and buffaloes also can be seen. Return to the lodge for lunch then head for an evening game drive layer on in the Ishasha sector.

Ishasha sector is where the rare tree-climbing lions speed their lifetime you are going to carry out your game drive and have a look at them resting in the trees as they are waiting for their time to go and hunt and other animals to look out for are topis and other antelope species that lions normally hunt for food. Return to the lodge.

Day 9: Road trip to Kibale National Park and Bigodi nature walk

After having breakfast in the morning, start on your road trip to the primate capital of the world which is Kibale. Upon arrival, head for a nature walk in Bigodi swamp which is one of a kind with alot for you to see like birds including great blue turacos, Ross turacos, parrots, weavers and several more. Primates like red-tailed monkeys, black and white, and red colobus are seen. Move to the lodge.

Day 10: Chimpanzee trekking

With breakfast in the morning, drive to the Kanyanchu visitor centre where chimpanzee trekking is done from. When you arrive there, you will be briefed by the Park wardens and then lead by an expert ranger guide to the rainforest of Kibale to search for chimpanzees.

Meanwhile, as you are searching for chimpanzees, you will be looking at other primates like red-tailed monkeys, red colobus, and black and white colobus monkeys among the 13 primates found in Kibale.

When you come into contact with one of the Chimpanzee family, one hour of watching them will be given to you. Trek back to the headquarters meet your driver guide then travel back to the lodge. Don’t forget to pack lunch.

Day 11: Drive to Bwindi impenetrable national Park

On this day, wake up to an early breakfast then pack your luggage and check out from the lodge and start on your drive to Bwindi impenetrable national Park in the southwestern region of the country Uganda, this Park is home to half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas and on your way to the park enjoy seeing the high lands of Kisoro, the locals and several more beautiful creatures. Check-in at the lodge.

Day 12: Mountain gorilla trekking

Today on your gorilla trekking day in Bwindi, you are going to wake up as early as an early bird have a heavy breakfast then get your packed lunch from the lodge and then drive to the park headquarters for a briefing before you head for trekking in the forest. You may wonder the reason why you need to carry packed lunch from the lodge is that the gorilla trekking experience can even last for the whole day so you have to enjoy your lunch from the forest.

After being briefed by the Park offices, you will be divided into a group of 8 people because that is the recommended number of people that are allowed to do trekking per day. Immediately staff to search for one of the gorilla family and when you finally come to see it, you will only be allowed to remain in its presence for only one hour, take photos, watch them do their everyday work and after the trek back to the offices than to the lodge.

Day 13: Mgahinga gorilla national Park and Batwa trail

Have a warm breakfast then drive off from Bwindi impenetrable national Park to the extreme southwestern part of Uganda where Mgahinga gorilla national Park lies. This park is as well referred to as where gold meets silver because mountain gorillas and golden monkeys live in this Park, check-in in at the hotel and have lunch and head for the Batwa trail experience.

While on your Batwa trail experience, you are going to be led by a Twa guide to the forest where the Batwa before being transferred to the outskirts of the forest lived. You are going to see how they used to hunt animals for meat, make fire and several more this will give you the real history of Batwa.

Day 14: Golden monkey drive to Lake Mburo

Enjoy breakfast in the morning then drive to the park headquarters for a briefing about the rules followed when trekking golden monkeys. Trekking these monkeys is yet another amazing experience that every traveller wants to take part in you are going to be led to the forest by a park ranger guide to search for them in the forest and when you find one group of golden monkeys the contact time is one hour. Embark on your drive to the lodge for lunch then later on drive to lake Mburo national Park the smallest of all the national parks we are having in Uganda. Upon arrival, check-in at the lodge.

Day 15: Horseback ride and night drive

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast then head to the Eastern part of the park which is explored on a horse ride and it is operated by Mihingo lodge. Alot will be seen like zebras, warthogs, buffaloes and several antelope family species not forgetting several birds including the endemic species.

Late in the night, enjoy a night drive in the Park and bushbabies, common pottos even sometimes predators like leopards, and lions can rarely be seen.

Day 16: Drive to lake Bunyonyi

You are going to drive and connect to lake Bunyonyi today after enjoying breakfast. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the second largest lakes in Africa located between the Kisoro and Kabale districts. This lake is having 29 islands and alot of activities are carried out on it and you will also take part in some.

Day 17- 18: At Lake Bunyonyi

These two days are going to be spent on this lake as you explore the islands and take part in some other activities. Among the islands you will visit include; Akampene Island also known as Punishment island and where the girls who were pregnant still in the father’s house were thrown, Bushara, Kyahugye, Bwama and Bucuranuka islands can be visited on a boat ride.

Hang out with the Bakiga in their community to learn more about their lifestyle and culture, if you like Birding, you are not going to be disappointed because there are alot of birds available for you to add to your checklist.

Day 19: Drive to Kampala

Having had your breakfast, carry your luggage and drive to Kampala the capital city of Uganda and the entertainment city of East Africa. The drive will only take you a 5 hours’ drive from Bunyonyi to Kampala and have a stopover at the equator for photographic moments to continue with the journey to Kampala. You will enjoy your picnic lunch on the way.

Day 20: City tour

On this relaxing day, wake up at the hotel enjoy breakfast and set off for a city tour, visit religious places like the Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugongo, Rubaga cathedral with beautiful aches and buttresses, Namirembe cathedral and the national mosque among others. Also visit the local Markets, local shops and several more.

Day 21: Departure

Wake up in the morning have breakfast then drive to Entebbe international airport for your flight back to your home country.


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