1 Day Mount Bisoke Hiking Safari

Join mother nature as you explore Mount. Bisoke. It takes 6 hours to reach the summit of one of the mountains that make up the magnificent Virunga chain of mountains, which spans the nations of Rwanda, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The descent takes 2 hours.

A short, enjoyable climb will take you to the mountain summit, where you may take pictures, explore the surroundings and more. Getting to Mountain Bisoke, which is located in Volcanoes National Park requires a short drive. In and around the mountain on a good day, you might get to see some uncommon monkeys, birds, and forest creatures. At only 3711m above sea level, this dormant mountain has stunning crater lake at its summit.

Detailed day trip.

The safari guide will pick you up at dawn and take you through a briefing session about what to expect throughout the adventure. After this session, a 2- to 3-hours’ early morning drive through the breathtaking scenery and rolling hills begins. Enjoy the lush surroundings as the locals begin their daily activities. Mountain guides will give you briefing regarding hiking dos and don’ts after your arrival at the mountain headquarters properly prepared with necessary hiking gear and packed lunch.

After this, hire porters and begin the six-hour climb to the top of Bisoke mountain. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful scenery and other forest creatures, like duikers, forest hogs, birds, primates and more. The summit may be reached in about 6 hours, including lunch break. Following the adventure, you will spend some time at the peak getting to know beautiful surroundings. It will then take you two hours to descend to the location where you will meet the driver guide for departure drive back to Kigali.

End of adventure.

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