1 Day Entebbe City Tour

This 1-day Entebbe safari excursion is one of the best excursions for those visiting Uganda for only one day as it will take you to the once colonial town of one of the British commissioners, sir Gerald portal. Visit the Entebbe botanical gardens and admire the tropical tree species, small primates, birds, butterflies and then proceed to Uganda wildlife education centre from where you’ll visit beautiful beaches along the world’s largest freshwater lake, Victoria.

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To catch up with time, wake up early in the morning and enjoy breakfast at your hotel. Then embark on a journey for 1-day Entebbe excursion. Entebbe is a local Luganda word which means a seat and is located on the magical peninsular of Lake Victoria which is the world’s largest freshwater lake and is said to be the primary source of the world’s longest river, River Nile. The city is situated a few meters from the latitude of the equator and only 45 kilometers away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

1 Day Entebbe City Tour

The city was named so because of the fact that the Buganda chiefs used to sit there when making decisions over some cases. It later became a British administrative and colonial centre in 1893 because it was where Sir Gerald Portal introduced his military base. It is famous for hosting international airport and is also remembered because of the 1976 rescue operation by the Israel military forces that freed over 90 hostages following the Palestinian plane highjack during the regime of once a political dictator, Iddi Amin Dada – the self-proclaimed conqueror of the British Empire.

This tour will also take you to Entebbe botanical gardens where you will spot different plant species because the place is known to have over 100 tree species, take a leisurely visit to the gardens and then move to Uganda wildlife educational centre. This former zoo now turned an educational centre is perfect for researchers visiting for educational purposes. Have a look at different animals such as lions, leopards, chimpanzees, tigers, African Elephants, cape buffalos, Rothchild’s giraffes, pythons, crocodiles, and many uncommon birds such as ostriches, African grey parrots, pied crows and then head to the shores of Lake Victoria, to visit one of the beaches and optionally swim and after head to the airport back to fly back to your home country or overnight stay at a hotel.

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